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Safety regulations in the use of abrasive products:

The abrasive is a fragile material, so it must be treated with extreme care, because an inappropiate use can cause breakage and serious incidents.

There are several factors that are fundamental in the use of abrasive:


It is essential verify the material and the packaging upon the arrival, because it is necessary to check that it has not suffered any damage during its transport.
The grinding wheels  must be stored carefully in such a way as to ensure a regular stock take turnover.
Store the wheels in a dry place where there are no severe temperature changes, especially colder temperatures.

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First, it is important to select the right grinding wheel for the operation that will be executed. Then it is necessary to check the wheel visually and do the sound test to control that there is no crack.
Do not twist or force the product excessively in order to avoid its breakage. The speed of the machine cannot exceed in any case the maximum speed of use indicated by the manufacturer.

It is forbidden modify the hole of the grinding wheel, force it or even hit it, because that could cause cracking and width.
For its installation, the grinding wheel must be assembled following the instructions of the machine manufacturer. It is essential that the machine has the safety measures installed. Only use machines equipped with safety devices that comply with the FEPA-CEN-ES-68 regulation .Additionally, the use of appropriate individual means of protection for the type of operation to be carried out is mandatory; glasses, gloves, coveralls, dust masks and hearing protectors.



All the grinding wheels must be handle carefully.

If there is a suspicion that a wheel has suffered some impact or breakage, it is recommended not to use it, throw away the grinding wheel and contact the manufacturer.



for at least 1 minute and avoiding that other people are in the trajectory of the rotation plane. We must use carefully the material and in case of doubt of a possibility that the wheels are damaged in any way, please contact the manufacturer.

During cutting operations using fixed machines, make sure that the piece to be cut is securely fixed with the appropriate device. When using portable machines, ensure that the piece is firmly secured during cutting or rectifying tasks. Do not allow the wheel to be caught during cutting processes. Use the wheel at least in an angle of 30 grades with respect of the work piece during the grinding operation.

Make sure that there are no flammable materials near the machine during cutting and grinding operations.

When working, avoid do too much pressure,  hit the wheel or overheat it.



For more detailed information or in case of any other questions, please refer to the FEPA European Security Code standards (2016 Edition), or contact the supplier.

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