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Sandpaper is the best known coated abrasive that  is used in industries of various types for different applications.

They can be used for grinding and even polishing work.
They are basically made up of a backing of abrasive grains and adhesive for fixing. Depending on the material used and the work to be done, a specific type of sandpaper will be needed .



Flap discs:Strong and high quality for steel work.
Zirconio flap discs for use on thick steels or stainless steels.
Ceramic flap discs for alloy steels with additional coating.
Fiber discs for a perfect finish of roughing and finishing of burrs.

Brushes with and without shaft
Foil sleeves

Sanding bands

Sandpaper blocks

Types of sandpaper
Banda de lija abrasiva
Discos laminares
Tacos de lija de diferentes granulometrías
Surtido de lijas, cepillos y discos de abrasivos
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