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Abrasive Discs

There are two types of abrasive discs; cutting discs and grinding discs.  We have different  types of discs depending on the material they are going to be used on.

Abrasive grinding discs


Grinding discs for  steel; used for roughing surfaces,

removal of oxidation and welding burrs.

Grinding discs for  stainless steel; used for all types of steel for construction: fast, soft and rail. Ideal for roughing rusted areas, surfaces and burrs after welding and angles.

Grinding discs for  foundry; Used for all types of cast iron. Suitable for natural and artificial stones and marble. They are ideal for roughing angles and burrs.

Gama discos de desbaste y corte
Disco abrasivo sobre pieza
Abrasive cutting discs

Cutting discs for stone and marble; used for block separation and profiling.

Cutting discs for steel or stainless steel;They are used in tubes, stainless steel, sheets and solids. In addition, it does not generate oxidation on the surface after use.

Aluminum cutting discs; used in materials such as bronze, zinc, aluminum, brass, as well as their alloys.

Cast iron cutting discs; suitable for all types of cast iron. It can also be used for artificial and natural stones.

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