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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

ABRASIVOS TEXAJAX S.L.L directions, manufacture of agglomerated abrasives with synthetic resins and marketing of abrasives in general, approach the Quality Management System like a way to organize our business life, basing it on some basic pillars such as the quality of its products, its processes, the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and customer satisfaction.


ABRASIVOS TEXAJAX S.L.L is characterize by a constant search for improvement in our service with our customer. Therefore, the point of view of our clients must be known in the company and must be measured in order to assess their rank of satisfaction.


The competitiveness of ABRASIVOS TEXAJAX S.L.L is necessary for our presence in the market and for this, the Quality Management System implemented according to the norm UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 must be aimed at reach the satisfaction of the clients, of the workers and the global optimization of the company resources. In addition, fulfilling all the requirements, both legal, as particulars requirements defined by the clients, establishing competitive services and taking care of the attention and our customers needs.

ABRASIVOS TEXAJAX S.L.L bet for the way of continuous improvement. Moreover, for that purpose it must integrate the Planning, Execution, Verification and Analysis cycle in the Quality Management System in order to do things well.

The task of improving quality is in the first place a responsibility of the Direction and for that, they involve in:

  • Establish quantifiable annual aims derived from Quality Management System.

  • Provide the necessary human and technical resources, likewise providing appropriate training to all the employers to perform their tasks with the required quality levels.

  • Achieve all the aims imposed by our clients and improve continuously the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

  • Verify the establishment, compliance and effectiveness of this policy, spreading it to all the members of the company. Besides, it will be check annually if this policy is suitable for the company purpose.


The manager

Amorebieta, 10 of January 2017

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